14 August

Why Video is the Future of Content Marketing

By The Caybon Creative Team

Not sure whether to invest in video when your articles, infographics and memes are chugging along and you’re basically hitting your modest content marketing goals?

You could continue doing the same thing and watch your numbers slowly drop over the next few years. Or, you could embrace video and set new and more ambitious goals in line with the results you’ll be getting. If you need convincing, or you need to convince the higher-ups at your company, read on. Here’s why video is the future of content marketing.

Video Drives Organic Traffic and Conversions

With each passing day, month and year, video makes more and more sense for most content marketers. Recently, a study found that businesses that use video in their content marketing see 40% more organic traffic to their websites than those businesses that don’t use it.

Not only does video attract visitors, it also helps convert them into customers. In fact, home pages with videos on them rack up 20% more conversions than those without and landing pages with videos on them get a whopping 80% more conversions.

People Retain Video More Easily than Text

The power of video doesn’t stop there, though. It’s also quite sticky and stays with viewers more effectively than text or graphics. Want proof? When the average person watches a video, he or she retains 95% of the information contained in it. Compare that to the amount of information people retain from reading — a mere 10% — and it’s obvious why video makes sense for marketers.

Video Performs Well Across Channels

These days, information is available on a range of devices from desktops to tablets, phones and even watches. But what works on one device might not work on another. You might enjoy reading a white paper on your kindle but wouldn’t want to read it on your smartwatch. Or, you might go to your laptop to read an infographic that drills down to shopping habits at a neighborhood level, but would you want to read it on your phone? Not likely. Still, one format does work well on every device: video.

People are Hungry for Video

One way to find out if you should use video in your content marketing plan is to simply ask your audience. Hubspot did just that and found that 54% of people would like marketers to boost their use of video. What are you waiting for?

Informative, entertaining, accessible and prone to go viral, video is perhaps the most valuable tool that content marketers have at their disposal. It’s personal. It has a long-lasting impact on audiences. And it creates the kinds of emotions that drive sales.

Ready to add video to your content marketing toolkit? Read our article on creating successful Facebook videos or reach out to a member of your friendly Mediaplanet video team and we can get the conversation started about creating video content that works for you.

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