Sustainability and ESG responsibility
Our view on sustainability and environmental, social and corporate governance responsibility


Caybon’s environmental and sustainability policy sets out the guidelines for how our daily activities should relate to all aspects of sustainability. Caybon works with action plans and measurable goals, and conducts an annual progress review. Our policy can be summarised as follows:  

Our view on the environment and sustainability 

Respect for the individual 

At Caybon, everyone is treated equally, regardless of gender, transgender identity, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation or age, and we do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. The group’s working environment protects the well-being of our employees. Externally, Caybon shows respect in all of our business relationships, and seeks to develop long-term relationships with our external stakeholders. We maintain a high level of integrity, and we conduct our business in a respectful and professional manner. 

Sustainable partnerships 

Caybon strives to partner with customers and suppliers who work actively with sustainability goals. We want to stimulate a dialogue that drives sustainability issues forward. 


Whenever possible, Caybon chooses environmentally sustainable products and services. We strive to reuse or repair before making new purchases, and we sell used equipment or dispose of it properly when it cannot be reused. Whenever possible, we choose to work with sub-contractors who have environmental and sustainability policies. 

Energy usage 

Caybon uses renewable electricity. We strive for low energy consumption by including lighting, computer screens and printers that shut down automatically when not in use. When purchasing power-consuming equipment, we choose models with the lowest electricity consumption. 

Office, construction and maintenance 

Renovation, maintenance and cleaning is done as sustainably as possible. In our materials and product choices we always strive to be sustainable and environmentally sensitive. 

Travel, lodging and transport 

Caybon uses the most sustainable passenger transport available for our journeys. We minimise foreign travel by using our extensive global network of local sub-contractors, as long as they meet our quality requirements. We prioritise hotels and conference facilities that have a sustainability agenda. Employees are encouraged to use bicycles and public transport for local travel. The bids we send are carried by couriers that have an environmental policy and plan. 

Use of resources 

Caybon always strives to minimise the generation of waste. We recycle and sort waste, and all documentation, quotations and invoices are sent electronically. 


All Caybon’s employees have a basic general environmental education. 


The sustainability policy and the action plan are reviewed annually by the management teams with the intention of minimising the company’s environmental impact and constantly improving our environmental work. 

Allocation of responsibilities

Caybon’s CEO and the CEOs in our respective subsidiaries have overall responsibility for our Environmental and Sustainability Policy, but our sustainability work is the business of everyone who works at Caybon.

Environment, Social and Corporate Governance Responsibility  

Below we set outCaybon’s undertakings within Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance Responsibility (”ESG Policy”). ESG is a concept based on companies taking into account the overall development of societies by considering how the company’s activities will affect customers, suppliers, employees and owners, as well as society and the environment. This ESG policy describes how Caybon aims to approach such factors.  

An overview of our ESG policy

Caybon’s activities will be carried out according to the group’s vision and values, and with a focus on long-term sustainable development. In addition to all business-related demands, goals and guidelines, the group’s business activities will be carried out with the highest possible degree of integrity and ethics. 

Caybon, its companies and employees will follow these guidelines:   

Caybon will follow all existing laws and regulations in countries where the group is active, as well as the group’s ESG Policy. 

Caybon will respect the UN Declaration of Human Rights ( and the ILO Core Conventions (International Labour Organisation), and accepts its responsibility to respect the rights of its employees and society to the extent that these are affected by the group’s activities. 

Caybon has an open attitude in its dialogue with those affected by the group’s activities. Caybon responds to enquiries from outside parties and communicates in an effective and timely manner. 

In the areas where Caybon has influence, the group will aim to make sure that suppliers and sub-suppliers follow the relevant principles in this ESG Policy.  


Caybon’s impact on the environment, and the pre-emptive work regarding its environmental impact, are a group priority. Caybon wants everyone in the group to take responsibility for reducing the group’s impact on the environment and to contribute to a durable sustainable development. The environmental work will be structured, and in the cases where it is justified, follow internationally-recognised environmental guidelines (such as ISO 14001). Environmental measures will be undertaken as far as they are technically possible and economically sensible, and motivated from an environmental perspective.  


Every company in the Caybon will aim to establish good relations in the local countries or areas where they operate. Business decisions, which might affect the country or society at large, should as far as possible always be preceded by, or alternatively as soon as possible be followed by, discussions with representatives of the local area with the aim of identifying any need for common measures. Caybon should be apolitical and not contribute financially to political parties or candidates. 


The Caybon ESG Policy is updated and established by the Caybon board once a year. All employees in the group are responsible for keeping themselves updated with the latest revised policy. 

The manager’s responsibility

CEO/Country Managers in the respective Caybon companies are responsible for the implementation of this ESG Policy, and the compliance of it in the group’s activities. The management of the business units is responsible for the implementation of this ESG Policy, and the compliance of it in the group’s activities. All senior executives are responsible for reporting any case of fraud or other criminal activity to a member of the Caybon management.  

Any confirmed violation to the Caybon ESG Policy will result in immediate disciplinary action, including dismissal in the case of serious deviations from the policies.   

The employee’s responsibility   

All employees in Caybon are responsible in so far as that they, as well as the activities in which they are involved, should act in accordance with these ESG values and business principles. It is the responsibility of each employee to make sure that they have sufficient information about relevant laws, regulations and policies when making decisions on businesses, staff and investment.  


Caybon aims to be a respected employer for both existing and potential employees. Caybon will provide a good working environment, both physical and psychosocial. Caybon also aims to be an attractive employer regarding the professional and personal development of its employees. The rules stated in this policy should be regarded as the minimum requirements. 

The relationship to and between employees is based on mutual respect and dignity, and reasonable influence on the areas which affect the working situation of each employee. 

Terms of employment, including economic compensation and working hours offered to employees and suppliers, should at least meet minimum national legal requirements or industrial standards.  

Caybon will not accept forced labour, slavery or other forms of involuntary work at the group’s offices. The group also does not allow methods that limit the free movement of its employees.  

Caybon will not employ people under the age of 15, and if local legislation sets a higher age limit, no person below this age is allowed to be employed. 

Caybon will uphold the equal rights of all its employees, regardless of colour, sex, age, nationality, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or other distinctive properties. The group does not allow  discrimination or harassment. (See also Caybon’s “Equal Employment Policy”.) 

Caybon recognises each employee’s right to form or join trade unions according to the laws and principles in the respective countries in which the group operates.  

The working environment offered by Caybon should be safe. All the group’s companies are responsible for running the operation in a manner that prevents injuries and bad health. Written health and safety instructions should be applied in all offices. 

Customers, partners and suppliers

The business of Caybon is based on close and long-term relationships with customers and other business partners. Caybon aims to be seen as a credible, long-term and reliable partner and will act in a professional, honest and ethically correct manner. The group does not accept corruption, bribes or unfair measures which limit competition. All sales and marketing of Caybon products and services should be carried out according to the relevant laws and regulations in each country.  

Caybon will not act in violation of applicable competition laws in any country. The group does not take part in cartels or other illicit cooperation with competitors, clients or suppliers which limit or subvert competition. If any company in the group is approached with suggestions of any such cooperation, or has reasons to believe that it occurs at any partner, this should be reported to the Caybon management team and to the competition authorities in the country where it occurs. 

Caybon will not offer or give illicit payments or other compensations to any person or organisation with the aim of forcing the person or organisation to act in violation of their prescribed duties in order to hire Caybon or keep assignments for the group.  

Caybon will not – directly or indirectly – ask for or accept any form of illicit payment or other compensation given with the aim of making the group act in violation of the Caybon’s prescribed duties. In order to avoid any conflict of interests, employees within the group should only accept gifts or favours which are in line with common business practice, do not violate existing laws, do not have significant economic value, and which cannot reasonably be seen as bribes. 

Caybon respects the assets of other companies and protects all the group’s material and immaterial assets from loss, theft, intrusion or abuse.  

In the areas where Caybon has influence, the group will aim to make sure that suppliers and sub-suppliers follow relevant principles in the Caybon ESG Policy and, for instance, offer a safe working environment for their employees.