29 January

The Visual Trends That Will Affect Your Marketing Strategy In 2019

By The Caybon Creative Team

Trends change on the internet in an instant and images are no exception.

For some people, creating images that sometimes hit and sometimes miss, (like folks who make memes on Facebook or Reddit) success doesn’t matter too much. But for marketers that are investing time and money on connecting with people right now, creating images that work today and will continue to work for some time is essential.

To make sure that your visuals are on point and that they stay relevant for some time, we've put together an insider’s look at the visual trends that marketers are paying attention to in 2019.


As marketers target smaller and smaller customer segments, it only makes sense that visuals are getting more personal. In 2019, generic images or stock graphics alone will no longer cut it. Instead, personalized, relevant pictures will be taking their place.


Creative Provocation

Even with customized messaging, individual consumers still face a never-ending stream of noise both on the internet and in their inboxes. To cut through, marketers are creating visuals that are bold, creative and leave a lasting impression.



Nothing gives people the feels like nostalgia and depending on the age of your target audience, that could mean invoking the 70s, 80s, 90s or even the aughts. Successful nostalgic images combine the essence of your intended era with an updated, contemporary twist.


Art History-Inspired Images

The classics of art history contain themes and visual elements that continue to speak to viewers sometimes hundreds of years after their creation. Marketers who draw inspiration from past masters will also do well in 2019.


A Global Aesthetic

In the age of Instagram, the whole planet is looking at variations on the same images. (Which is why trendy restaurants and coffee shops around the world are starting to look similar.) Images that are part of this global conversation means reaching potential customers anywhere there’s an internet connection (and a succulent).


Interactive Images

Content that just sits there is so 2018. From infographics and surveys to maps that change based on data that visitors provide, interactive content will continue to drive engagement in 2019.


3D Design

One way that visual designers will captivate people in 2019 is with 3D images. Adding an illusion of depth adds substance to content and invites viewers to spend time with them.


Thought-Provoking Minimalism

Minimalism continues to reign as a design force. But in 2019, minimalist images will add depth with thought-provoking elements. The best images will be those that elevate simple compositions to get people to reflect and think.


Environmental Awareness

As environmental awareness rises, it’s only natural that environmental images seep into marketing. Images that show the world we live in will connect with viewers and brands that take a stance. It will also help brands stay relevant or even drive positive conversation.

For striking visuals that move audiences and get conversations started, reach out to your friendly Mediaplanet team. We’re ready to start visualizing your next campaign.


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