6 December

Splay One wins Best Influencer Marketing campaign at MIXX Awards

By The Caybon Creative Team

According to the UN, more people are at risk of dying from hunger as a consequence of the covid 19 pandemic than from the virus itself.
Therefore, the aid organizations We Effect and Vi-skogen and their twelve member organizations wanted to come together to draw attention to this global hunger pandemic and raise money to prevent it in the long term.

The mission’s challenge was to create credible communication that reached the target group. That despite low knowledge and a limited timeline. We wanted to reach a young and digital audience to spread knowledge and encourage fundraising.

By mobilizing Sweden’s foremost influencers and using their voices, we reached out to the target group and started a movement: – Hela sverige mot hungerpandemin (All of Sweden Towards the Hunger Pandemic) A movement that aimed to spread knowledge about the hunger pandemic and encourage to fundraising. For a month, we engaged Sweden’s influencers and their followers to be involved and contribute to reducing world hunger in the long term. Through social media, influencers and a poppy talk show, we showed that benefit can be combined with pleasure.

Winners at IAB Sweden MIXX Awards as Best Influencer Marketing campaign
Line Bomark and Mina Fagerfjäll from Splay One

It is often said that tough budget conditions also require strong ideas. The team behind the winning influencer campaign has impressively defied the difficult conditions by daring to have high ambitions, set tough goals and show great courage with both creative and innovative implementation. The power of the campaign has led to a wide range of people wanting to participate with all their might to influence others to act through actual action. Despite a time-limited campaign, they have succeeded in creating a spark for a movement that mobilizes the power of many people, the will to influence and change together. We hope that we have only seen the beginning of a continued growing commitment throughout Sweden!

Motivation of the Jury

In the campaign, we managed to engage 150 influencers with an average following of 160k followers completely pro bono. The profiles had a total of 24 million followers together. The campaign reached a reach of 4.9 million Facebook users in Sweden and the campaign’s content received over 20 million exposures.

Hela Sverige mot Hungerpandemin managed in one month, despite the low awareness in the target group, collected a total of SEK 5.2 million for We Effect and Vi-skogen’s work

For more details, please contact Anton Josefsson at Splay One or Contact us

Anton Josefsson, Interim Country Manager, Sweden
[email protected], +46 709 72 38 51

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