7 April

Caybon acquires the influencer network Splay One

By The Caybon Creative Team
Henrik Asmussen, CEO Splay One and Richard Båge, CEO & Founder Caybon

Caybon has acquired the YouTube network Splay One from publicly-listed company Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT Group). The deal strengthens Caybon’s position as the leading digital media house for branded content campaigns. The acquisition also means that the Caybon Group’s turnover will pass the €100M mark.

“Splay One is another piece of the puzzle on our way to becoming the leading producer and distributor of digital campaigns in the world,” says Caybon’s CEO & founder Richard Båge.

“But in the short term, it’s a milestone for the company because the acquisition means that we will reach a turnover of €100M in 2021.”

Caybon’s business concept is to produce and distribute digital marketing campaigns. With 500 employees across 14 offices in North America and Europe, the group has become one of the leading players in the industry.

The acquisition of Splay One further strengthens Caybon’s business offering, not least because Splay One specialises in both production and distribution on digital platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. The company also has an impressive reach among younger target groups and has a strong customer list in the consumer sector.

“This is an extremely important strategic deal for us. Today, customers are increasingly demanding moving images and other methods for reaching younger target groups. Through the acquisition, we can respond to those requests. The icing on the cake is that we also get access to Splay One’s customer list, which contains many large and important consumer brands – historically a customer segment where we been weak,” says Richard Båge.

Splay One has around a hundred employees and four offices in the Nordics.

“It is without a doubt a well-run company with great potential. Together with our other existing offering, we see that we can achieve a leverage effect, not only for Splay One but for the whole of Caybon,” says Richard Båge.

“Our opportunities will increase in a group that is completely focused on producing and distributing commercial messages. However, what I am personally most looking forward to is the collaboration within the group and being able to offer customers a more comprehensive digital solution,” says Henrik Asmussen, CEO of Splay One.

The plans for the takeover are still being finalised, but Caybon intends to keep Splay One as its own company with a separate CEO and management team.

“I believe that the employees, not only in Splay One but in the whole of Caybon, will also appreciate the increased opportunities for skills development within the group. This acquisition means that we reach a size where we can really start working on internal recruitment and career planning,” says Richard Båge.

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